BoosterGas U.S.A

The Future for saving money and saving the Earth!!

           Boostergas have Offices in Europe, Asia, North Africa, Mexico and U.S.A 

BOOSTERGAS, will give you a quick return on your investment by  saving you  a lot of                               “green”and allowing  your company to be more “green”.

        BoosterGas is not only a great idea but also a patented technology, recognized today for its performance in terms of fuel economy and reduced pollution. 

BoosterGas has taken various systems already manufactured, modified and upgraded them with a team of researchers and engineers and set itself the objective of improving performance achieved by these legacy systems

BoosterGas fuel savers are the most powerful magnetic filters ever made to date with the technology of permanent magnetic fields.  Thanks to this technology, all vehicles already equipped with either gasoline or diesel have achieved a savings between 10% and 15% of fuel consumption on an average. The savings may even reach 20% on some engines. BoosterGas does not perform miracles, but optimizes fuel efficiency, giving more torque to most vehicles.